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Vaisala Launches New Thunderstorm Tracking and Lightning Alert Management Application

Vaisala Corporation                 Press Release                 May 4, 2015

Access to timely and accurate weather information is critical for organizations that need to keep operations running efficiently, assets protected, and communities or workers safe when severe weather approaches. Vaisala thunderstorm tracking systems have been providing this information for over three decades, delivering the detailed information required for weather monitoring. 

Vaisala is pleased to announce the release of Thunderstorm Manager, a cutting-edge professional application for tracking approaching storms and warning of imminent threats from lightning, for any location on Earth. Thunderstorm Manager combines data from Vaisala's US National Lightning Detection Network (NLDN) and Vaisala's GLD360, the network that delivers high quality, truly global lightning coverage, to deliver comprehensive lightning information at your finger-tips.

With many thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of injuries each year attributed to lightning globally, the situational awareness delivered by Thunderstorm Manager provides significant value for the protection of the public, such as at open-air arenas, parks, playgrounds or beaches, or for outdoor workers in the private sector. It supports a broad range of applications, from global or national scale lightning surveillance, down to local-scale warning notices that can be used for community safety, keeping local ground and maintenance-crews safe, and keeping operational downtime at a minimum.

Thunderstorm Manager makes it easy to monitor thunderstorm development, enabling the user to clearly identify increases and decreases of lightning frequency within each storm, providing more comprehensive information for better understanding.

Real-Time Displays & Alerts

Thunderstorm Manager is a web-based application that empowers customers to track approaching storms in real-time. A desktop or mobile device browser can be used to access the real-time displays at anytime, anywhere around the world. Thunderstorm Manager employs a sophisticated alarm notification capability to alert customers when their sites or assets are threatened by lightning. It uses visual and audible notifications, including email and SMS, to warn when lightning has crossed the threshold of the customer-defined range rings, or polygons.

Broad Range of Applications

For the protection of life and property, Thunderstorm Manager can be used by meteorological agencies to enhance forecasts and warnings for their entire communities and to provide warnings for specific sites such as parks, beaches, schools or sports arenas. Forestry and land management agencies can use the information to protect life and property in remote recreational areas and to identify wildfire risk. Thunderstorm Manager can also be used to manage personnel safety and manage assets at electric power companies or wind farms. For the management of critical activities, such as mining, air traffic, maritime, airport or roadway operations, Thunderstorm Manager offers the real-time displays and alerts that can save time, cost, and most importantly, lives. 

For more information, please contact: 
Brooke Pearson, Product Area Manager, Lightning
Phone: +1 (303) 262-4055

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Vaisala's lightning detection technology sets the standard for the lightning industry. Customers worldwide rely on Vaisala's leading expertise in lightning data and information systems. Vaisala delivers the highest standards of accuracy and reliability in sensor technology, central processing, application software, and customer support.

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